Dusty Corliss

Dusty Corliss, 2016 Presidential Ambassador, Colorado State University, August 11, 2016

Hometown: Stratton, CO
Major/Minor: Agricultural Business and Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting
College: College of Agricultural Sciences, College of Business
Years of PA Service:
 First Year

Being raised in Stratton, Colorado, I developed a deep passion for agriculture and the rural communities around it at a young age.  This passion led to raising a small sheep and goat herd of my own.  Youth organizations such as 4-H and FFA continued to fuel this passion for agriculture and to grow as an individual throughout my childhood and high school years.

I started my college career at Regis University in Denver, Colorado for two years as an Accounting major.  During this time, I gained an insight about my life and the passions that I had left back home.  Missing the agricultural ties, I decided to transfer to Colorado State University.  Once I set foot on campus, I felt like this is where I was supposed to be and felt at home. I found that agricultural passion again and it influenced my career pathway of having majors of Agricultural Business and Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting.

The Presidential Ambassador Program is a unique experience and is an honor to be a part of.  I am really excited to learn more about the university that has changed my life for the better and being able to share my story with others.

Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill, 2016 Presidential Ambassador, Colorado State University, August 11, 2016

Hometown: Aurora, CO
Major/Minor: Human Resources and Finance
College:  College of Business
Years of PA Service:
 First Year


As a Presidential Ambassador, I am very excited to become more involved with CSU and to hear from donors, friends, and alumni. Although I may not know everyone I’ll get to interact with this year, we all share one item in common: Our love for CSU and this community.

Community is something that I have always valued as a person, and that is exactly what drew me to CSU. When visiting this great campus, sitting in my older sister’s dorm room, I realized that I would rather go here than to my dream college. The people were so friendly and warm and that feeling has been constant throughout these past three years. Throughout my time at CSU, I have been privileged to be involved in a number of organizations on campus. I started making CSU my home when I joined the President’s Leadership Program, which developed a better understanding and appreciation of unique qualities each individual Ram has. I then had the opportunity to be a member of the Dean’s Student Leadership Council where I was able to advocate for College of Business students. This organization helped me develop leadership skills and made me have pride for this University and also my college in particular.

I am also blessed to be a Teaching Assistant for an Introductory Business class, helping first year students find their place like I was able to. As I look back at all that I’ve been fortunate enough to do, I realize that CSU feels less like a college and more like a home.

Looking forward to my senior year, I will graduate in May with a Business Degree, concentrating in Corporate Finance.

Ashley Higgins

Ashley Higgins, 2016 Presidential Ambassador, Colorado State University, August 11, 2016

Hometown: Genoa, CO
Major/Minor: Agricultural Literacy and Political Science Major, Agricultural Business Minor
College: College of Agricultural Sciences
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: Second Year

Former President John Adams once said, “There are two types of education…One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live”, CSU has taught me both of these important lessons.  Being a transfer student has allowed me to experience two different types of atmospheres at two different universities, while both great, CSU has flooded my life with passion, opportunities and amazing experiences.

Having a duel major in Agricultural Literacy and Political Science has allowed me to experience numerous different clubs and organizations on campus of which I am very involved.  The Ag Ambassadors, in the College of Agricultural Sciences, were the first family I found here at CSU, not long after I expanded my reach to the College Republicans and the Associated Students of Colorado State University.  This year I am so blessed to be very involved in each of those organizations as well as working for the Resources for Disabled Student’s office on campus.

CSU has opened so many doors for me and has given me an avenue to pursue my love for agriculture. Growing up on my family’s farm and ranch, agriculture has always been a huge part of my life.  The values, passion and community that agriculture has instilled in my life I have found here at CSU.

As a Presidential Ambassador, I am excited to meet more of the community that has helped make CSU home for me.  I am truly excited to continue learning how to make a living but more importantly how to live.

Ben Lorden, 2016 Presidential Ambassador, Colorado State University, August 11, 2016

Benjamin Lorden

Hometown: Littleton, CO
Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering
College: College of Engineering
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: First Year

I have been drawn to the warm community here at CSU since day one of my experience. Here, I have found a place with a strong engineering program and also the chance for community, personal growth, and many leadership opportunities. I am thankful to have been challenged by my classes, interacting with incredible professors and classmates. I have also gotten plugged into a great church, where I am leading a small group. Some of the richest experiences for me have been my time leading around campus. I was a Resident Assistant for two years in Braiden Hall, helping ease the transition of first year students. I have been an Ambassador for the College of Engineering for the last year, also. In this position, I continue to interact with prospective students and alumni, giving tours and attending events, preparing me well to be a Presidential Ambassador.

I am so excited to be a Presidential Ambassador, to be on a team with the incredible individuals that serve with me. I cannot wait to give back to the university that has provided so many opportunities for me and to personally thank the donors that have made CSU become the great institution that it is today. I am energized to interact with donors, alumni, University leadership, and current students with the goal of bringing the CSU family closer together. I am proud to be a CSU Ram!

Rachel Mason

Rachel Mason, 2016 Presidential Ambassador, Colorado State University, August 11, 2016

Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Major/Minor: Biomedical Sciences
College: College of Veterinary Medicines and Biomedical Sciences
Year: Junior
Years of PA Service: First Year

I came to CSU for a fantastic education, but I also came to CSU for the people. My favorite thing about CSU is the people. Everyone on campus has a kind smile and a friendly attitude. Students, staff, and faculty alike hold open doors for one another. It is lovely to belong to a community of like-minded people interested in working hard and propelling this world, and CSU, towards better things.

CSU is the best college and community anyone could ask for. Over the past three years at CSU I have gotten to grow not only as a scholar, but more importantly, as an individual. I’ve gotten the opportunity to be in the Honors Program and to study abroad in Zambia. I’ve also been given the opportunity to shadow an MD, my career of choice, through the Premedical Club. I am also thrilled to be a new tutor for the Academic Advancement Center and help others do what everyone at CSU seeks to do—learn.

I am so thankful I chose CSU. I am more than excited to serve as a PA this year to meet new people and help CSU continue to be the best!

Nati Medhin

Nati Medhin, 2016 Presidential Ambassador, Colorado State University, August 11, 2016

Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO
Major/Minor: Business, Computer Information Sciences
College: College of Business
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: First Year

Colorado State University was the only school I applied too, luckily I got in. I came to this college during my Junior year of high school to visit some friends, and the rest just fit into place. I was instantly overwhelmed with the community I was about to join and be a part of. I am thankful for the past three years that were filled with opportunities I have had through CSU, and even more thankful for the people who have been my side the whole way.

I am currently involved with a number of clubs and organizations on and off campus. This community has helped shape my drive for communicating and leading others. I have found a passion in serving and loving the people around me through the mentors I have had along the way.

I am blessed to be able to be in a position that allows me to help others grow. I cannot wait for my senior ahead of me and getting the chance to show the rest of my community the Ram pride I have!

Hannah Mikelson, 2016 Presidential Ambassador, Colorado State University, August 11, 2016

Hannah Mikelson

Hometown: Monument, CO
Major/Minor: Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
College: College of Engineering
Year: Junior
Years of PA Service: First Year

I can still remember the first time I stepped foot onto CSU’s campus. Being 12, I was nowhere near thinking about my college career, but the memories of this university never left. Perhaps it was the tour of the Gross Anatomy lab or the friendly, welcoming faces of the students or the stroll through the oval that left a lasting impression, all I knew was that there was something special about this university. It wasn’t until I became a student that I found out why.

The community and the opportunities this university have to offer are just a few reasons CSU is profoundly unique. Here there is a community for everyone and while pursuing a dual-degree in biomedical and mechanical engineering, I was able to find mine. This strong support system has pushed me to achieve and seek out opportunities I never knew existed. Opportunities such as the Honors Undergraduate Program, the Honors Program, the Society of Women Engineers, and the engineering Co-Operative Program have allowed me to develop my professional, technical, and leadership skills, and have opened numerous doors for the future.

I am incredibly excited to be a member of the Presidential Ambassador team and look forward to meeting others that have helped build the CSU community. I am honored to serve the Office of the President and cannot wait to share my love of CSU with others.

Heather Nereson

Heather Nereson, 2016 Presidential Ambassador, Colorado State University, August 11, 2016

Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Major/Minor: Nutrition and Food Sciences with a concentration in Dietetics, Gerontology Minor
College: College of Health and Human Sciences
Year:  Junior
Years of PA Service: First Year

When I was considering which universities to apply to, Colorado State University was my very last choice. Now, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I grew up in Hayden, a small town in northwest Colorado where my high school graduating class was 24. I didn’t think such a large university could ever make me feel at home or like I belonged. That assumption couldn’t have been more inaccurate. I’ve grown to love CSU and the endless opportunities, friendships, and experiences it has provided.

I believe CSU is unique from other schools in the fact that it causes students to not only get an outstanding education, but to also develop a deep passion for their major. As my eyes were opened to a future as a Registered Dietitian, I also had the desire to become a part of something much bigger than my individual purpose. This drive lead me to be a member of the Rams Leadership Team, Vice President of the College of Health and Human Sciences Dean’s Leadership Council, a member of the CSU Figure Skating Team, and finally a Presidential Ambassador.

Having the opportunity to serve as a Presidential Ambassador is a tremendous honor. It is my hope to represent the purpose of this university in a way that exemplifies my gratitude and experiences to those who make my education possible.

Katie Picker

Katie Picker, 2016 Presidential Ambassador, Colorado State University, August 11, 2016

Hometown: Superior, CO
Major/Minor: Biomedical Sciences
College: College of Veterinary Medicines and Biomedical Sciences
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: First Year

Being a born and bred Colorado native, there was no question for me to leave this wonderful state for my college career. When it came time, I toured some great schools around the country but the second I stepped onto CSU campus for a tour, it became 100% clear to me where I would be spending the next 4 years of my life. Over these quick 4 years, CSU has given me the chance to pursue a major that lets me study the two greatest of my academic passions: science and medicine. Biomedical Sciences is the perfect mesh of the two and has enabled me to challenge myself with the classes offered and the great people I meet.

Pretty quickly into my freshman year, I felt the innate longing to get out, be involved and make memories with amazing people. CSU gave me the opportunity to serve as a Resident Assistant for my sophomore year and the lessons I learned during that time I will always attribute for helping to make me who I am today. And now I get the privilege to serve as a Presidential Ambassador, which I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am!

During this year serving as a Presidential Ambassador, I am so looking forward to being a part of CSU in a new way and reaching out a little farther to making this amazing community of people stronger together.

Caleb Schroder

Caleb Schroder, 2016 Presidential Ambassador, Colorado State University, August 11, 2016

Hometown: Littleton, CO
Major/Minor: History and Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts
College: College of Liberal Arts
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: Second Year

As I navigate my senior year at Colorado State University and reflect upon my time at this institution, one word to describe the experience resounds above all others: gratitude. I couldn’t be more thankful for the time spent and memories made at this incredible institution and I am so happy to share that sentiment through my role as a Presidential Ambassador for the second year. I have learned so much at CSU during my stint as a student. In the classroom as a History and Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts double major with a minor in Philosophy, I was taught to think more critically, communicate more effectively, and care more wholeheartedly than I had thought possible. I plan on taking this knowledge with me to law school next year as I continue my journey in higher education.

I also have grown outside of the classroom. My involvements on campus and within the city of Fort Collins have helped me to further understand myself and the world around me. From them I have developed personally and professionally, pushed my comfort zone farther than ever before, and learned what true friendship feels like. None of this would have been possible with the supportive community at Colorado State.

In my last year as a student here, I could not be more aware of the milestones coming down the line. This year I will be the first in my family to graduate from college and will be saying goodbye to the place that has become my home, but I will approach all of this with my head held high knowing that I can face it thanks to my time spent becoming a Ram; and that is something to be grateful for. I am honored to be serving another year as a Presidential Ambassador for CSU and I can’t wait to share these thanks with friends of this University.

Braden Stump

Braden Stump, 2016 Presidential Ambassador, Colorado State University, August 11, 2016

Hometown: Stoneham, CO
Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering
College: College of Engineering
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: Second Year

While living in the small town of Stoneham, Colorado, I learned to appreciate the growth that a supporting community can bring. Upon coming to CSU, I feel as though I’ve found that same type of community taken to a fantastic scale.

Now that I am enrolled at CSU as a mechanical engineering major, our campus community has given me the vigor to take part in groups related to my major and beyond. Being involved in Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society, the CSU Honors Program, and the President’s Leadership Program have showed me how our university has unrivaled strength in both diversity and passion. Outside of my involvement on campus, I work as a Research and Development Mechanical Engineering Intern with HP Inc., where I interact with many alumni proud of their education and experience at CSU.

This university has given so much more to me than knowledge: it has given me experiences, friendships, and memories that will last for the rest of my life. Above all, that is the reason that I am most excited to begin my final year of PA service: to serve and give back to a university that has given so much to me.

Julia Tucker

Julia Tucker, 2016 Presidential Ambassador, Colorado State University, August 11, 2016

Hometown: Littleton, CO
Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering, Spanish Minor
College: College of Engineering
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: First Year

Hi! My name is Julia Tucker and I was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado.  Besides being in love with Colorado’s nature and enjoying backpacking, fishing, playing volleyball (and almost anything that can get me outside), I have always been passionate about helping others and continuously challenging myself to grow.  These passions have led me to pursue a mechanical engineering degree, a study abroad in Costa Rica which completed my Spanish minor, as well as look for other ways to give back to the CSU community.

Being a native Coloradan, I love my state but was initially looking to explore something new when going to college.  When I discovered I had gotten into CSU, I wasn’t overwhelmed by the idea of staying in state and following in the footsteps of my older sister.  After I decided to attend CSU and stepped foot on campus, I not once regretted my choice to attend such a phenomenal institution.  As an admissions ambassador, I like to describe this as the package deal — we provide the academic excellence of a large institution with the incredible support and community that goes hand in hand with a smaller one.

As a fifth year mechanical engineering student, I thoroughly enjoy the technical challenge of engineering, but was looking for a way to further my professional development and engage my passion for communication, leadership and service.  I am excited to join the Presidential Ambassador team to show my appreciation for the unique attributes donors have contributed to CSU, and share my CSU experience with people I would never had the opportunity to interact with otherwise.

Adam Wise

Adam Wise, 2016 Presidential Ambassador, Colorado State University, August 11, 2016

Hometown: Denver, CO
Major/Minor: Business Administration
College: College of Business
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: Second Year

Coming to Colorado State University has proven to be the best decision of my life… as relatively short as it may be. CSU was the first university I visited and was, in fact, the only school to which I applied. To this day, I haven’t looked back. The community, the resources, the professors and even the landscape makes this the best place for me to pursue a higher education. Coming to CSU, I could not wait to get involved on campus. I joined a fraternity, the Admissions team, and Associated Students of Colorado State University, all of which helped me find a fantastic set of peers as well as real world leadership experience.

This year, I am also the treasurer of Vines to Wines club within the College of Agricultural Sciences which allows me to blend my passions for business and horticulture! As a Senior, I look forward to spending one final year on this beautiful campus studying accounting and horticulture, with hopes to relocate out east and start my career working as an auditor.

I am thrilled to return to the Presidential Ambassadors team, to help advance this university, and create an even stronger sense of Ram Pride!

Hannah West, 2016 Presidential Ambassador, Colorado State University, August 11, 2016

Hannah West

Hometown: Winsor, CO
Major/Minor: Marketing
College: College of Business
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: First Year

Colorado State University has been my home for the past four years, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I have had the opportunity to work as an Orientation Leader, participate in the Honors Program, and develop sustainable volunteer activities throughout the community. I am a member of the College of Business, and am in the process of creating my own affiliate marketing business for my senior thesis. After graduating, I aspire to work in the field of management consulting.

Though my experiences on campus have been amazing, CSU has also provided me with many international experiences. I traveled to Kenya with a group of CSU students to provide healthcare to underserved communities. I later returned to Africa with the President’s Leadership Program to develop partnerships and promote cultural understanding within Ugandan and Rwandan communities. I also had the opportunity to study abroad on the south island of New Zealand. These cultural immersions have broadened my perspective, and consistently challenge me to look at situations from a variety of viewpoints.

The education I have received at CSU both inside and outside the classroom engages and inspires me on a daily basis. CSU has given me so many unique opportunities, and I am excited to serve as a Presidential Ambassador to ensure the continuity of these opportunities for students for years to come.