NameDepartmentTotal Years of CSU Service to May 2017
Albrandt, Peggy AResidence Life26
Allen, Charles MCEMML14
Amidon, Neda LBiochemistry and Molecular Biology14
Arnesen, Guy SHDS Administration30
Athey, Susan WickhamComputer Information Systems28
Baker, Sharon KEnvironmental Health Services8
Balliet, Donna LFacilities Management33
Barela, Bert CFacilities Management30
Barlow, David LCentral Receiving 13
Barrett, Mary FHealth Network Medical5
Bartholomew, Leanna SFacilities Management30
Beck, K GeorgeBioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management31
Benavente, Janet CFront Range Region14
Benn, Mark SHealth Network Counseling25
Blehm, Kenneth D Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences36
Bright, Janice MClinical Sciences18
Brouillette, John R (Jack)Sociology47
Browne, Lisa AAcademic Computing and Networking Services34
Brozka, Robert JCEMML22
Bruner, Maureen HPolitical Science28
Buchan, VictoriaSchool of Social Work31
Burk, Betty LContinuing Education - Administration25
Burr, RichardResidential Dining20
Calderazzo, JohnEnglish30
Campbell, Sue EllenEnglish28
Campbell, Terry WClinical Sciences21
Carlin, Karen MColorado State Forest Service11
Chapman, Candyce MOffice of Financial Aid30
Chapman, Sandra LInstitute for Learning & Teaching9
Chapman, Sharon JBusiness and Financial Services20
Cowley, Vincent LHDS Operations Management30
Culver, Roger BPhysics50
Davis, Jenifer LEconomics27
DeKrey, Tony WFacilities Management30
Dennis, Barbara LCommunications and Creative Services18
Devore, Debra KWarner College of Natural Resources26
Douglas, Shari JCenter for Advising and Student Achievement31
Duncan, Deborah JHDS Operations Management18
Eaton, Gregg MParking & Transportation Services7
Elbrader, Roger LFacilities Management30
Farmer, James FLibrary30
Fisher, Jack LFacilities Management14
Fitzhorn, Patrick AMechanical Engineering33
Fontane, Darrell GCivil and Environmental Engineering37
Freestone, Mack CFacilities Management15
Fristoe, DeWitt HFacilities Management10
Fryrear, Christopher LAgricultural Research Development and Education Center27
Gallatin, Kay LBiomedical Sciences34
Gerhard, Carolann LVeterinary Teaching Hospital10
Gill, Ann MCollege of Liberal Arts35
Godin, Ronald EWestern Region 15
Gomez, Pablo JrResidential Dining10
Gotshall, Barbara HProvost/Executive Vice President24
Graham, Nancy JMolecular, Cellular & Integrative Neurosciences25
Greene, Stephen SInformation Systems30
Griffin, Cindy LCommunication Studies22
Guitron, Shirley JInstitute for Learning & Teaching36
Gutierrez Taylor, RebeccaHDS Operations Management26
Hendryx, Judith ANatural Resource Ecology Laboratory24
Herin, LuAnnProcurement Services8
Hine, Susan EFinance and Real Estate26
Holley, Marlene MarieCEMML18
Holtzer, Thomas OBioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management28
Horak, Constance MCareer Center26
Irlbeck, Nancy ACollege of Agricultural Sciences26
Jones, Lauri GailRegistrar35
Kaiser, Rodney LFacilities Management5
Kees, NathalieSchool of Education29
Killingsworth, Gregory AFacilities Management30
Kitchen, Donald NelsonMicrobiology, Immunology and Pathology7
Komar, Elena MForeign Languages and Literatures14
Kostrzewa, Michael FMechanical Engineering28
Lassen, Kathleen PVice President for Student Affairs14
Lehr, Ronald DFacilities Management11
Lopezi, Marlene MFacilities Management15
Lorenz, Barbara BConference & Event Services20
Loucks, Cristine AEnvironmental and Radiological Health Sciences10
MacPhee, David LHuman Development and Family Studies30
MacQuiddy, Ernest LCollege of Agricultural Sciences29
Madden, GlendaLory Student Center32
Malone, Delia GColorado Natural Heritage Program9
Martinez, AlexHDS Operations Management40
May, Laurette AAdmissions25
McCarthy, Lindsay SAlumni Relations25
McLain, Jennifer GwynHuman Resources27
McMillan, Mark SBioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management31
Messick, Jon HAthletics30
Metz, PaulSchool of Music, Theatre and Dance29
Miller, Joyce JHartshorn Health Services27
Moon, Mike LAnimal Sciences30
Moore, Scott TPolitical Science30
Morrigan McDonough, DennisLibrary18
Morris, Eddie WFacilities Management20
Murray, Douglas LynnSociology24
Musslewhite, Barbara JeanCenter for Advising and Student Achievement25
Nachel, Gail AVeterinary Teaching Hospital5
Noehl, Roberta LynnHealth and Exercise Science24
Nosler, MichaelGeneral Counsel8
Page, Lawrence DContinuing Education - Administration34
Parent, Linda ASchool of Music, Theatre and Dance12
Parker, Debra LHDS Operations Management26
Pearson, Calvin HWestern Colorado Research Center32
Plotnicki, William JComputer Information Systems37
Plummer, Deborah DTelecommunications20
Rastall, Patrick WilliamMountain Campus39
Reid, Anne MEnglish28
Reid, Scott DSoil and Crop Sciences10
Rewinkel, Karen AVice President for Student Affairs25
Rice, Gloria MOffice of Financial Aid20
Roderick, CarolSchool of Music, Theatre and Dance8
Roeder, Brandon DWeb Communications22
Rogers, Mark GVeterinary Teaching Hospital20
Rossiter, Gaylene WaldronColorado State Forest Service6
Royer, SuzanneBiology22
Rust, Bart REngineering Research Center30
Salazar, RaulFacilities Management31
Schenkel, Marcia ACareer Center16
Shanahan, Lynne TVeterinary Teaching Hospital30
Sharkey, Dawn MSponsored Programs17
Slaney, Judith LHealth Network Medical5
Snyder, Jeanne LeeStudent Financial Services27
Sonday, Lora LBiomedical Sciences30
Stack, StephenBiology47
Stahla, Randal AAcademic Computing and Networking Services11
Stutheit, Paul AHDS Operations Management10
Takacs, Mary JoyceSchool of Social Work34
Tatum, Joseph DAnimal Sciences37
Taylor, Karen KAthletics31
Tensley, Carl RProcurement Services10
Thayer, PaulVice President for Student Affairs37
Timms, PamelaClinical Sciences15
Turetzky, Philip MPhilosophy20
Vader-Lindholm, ConnieBiomedical Sciences38
Vaillancourt, George WLory Student Center22
Varao, Suk PingHDS Operations Management8
Vernon, IreneEthnic Studies22
Vonderhaar, Thomas HAtmospheric Science46
Voss, Gary WArt and Art History35
Weidenkeller, George RFacilities Management24
Williams, Joan CCSU Police Department28
Wilson, Frances IHartshorn Health Services35
Wilson, J KeithCVMBS College Office10
Withrow, Stephen JClinical Sciences37
Wittenauer, Robert SCommunications and Creative Services23
Wojciechowski, James PeterHDS Operations Management5
Wojciechowski, Raymond PFacilities Management21