Yasmine Amon

Hometown: London, England
Major/Minor: Apparel Design
College: College of Health and Human Sciences
Years of PA Service:
 First Year

After visiting Colorado State, I fell in love with the greenery and openness of the campus. I have the opportunity to study the program for my dream career, while still enjoying the full college experience. Colorado State has helped me to confirm my passion in Design through working on the CSU Fashion Show for two years. It has given me leadership opportunities, and to my surprise, has solidified my confidence as an African woman.

My integration into campus was through the Orientation and Transition program “African American Women Dedicated to Excellence,” which encouraged me in my racial identity. Being a part of the Black/African American Cultural Center also gave me comfort in having a home away from home. I benefited greatly by having a mentor whom I could identify with, so I chose to be the same source of support for other first year students.

I gained leadership skills through my participation in the Presidential Leadership Program during my first year at CSU. Those skills helped me in my role as the President of the Fashion Report, as a member of the Design and Merchandising Leadership Team and the Event Coordinator for the student organization Africans United.

I’ve had the pleasure to give back to my community through my role as a first-year mentor, Newsletter Editor and occasional event planner for cultural celebrations in the Black/African American Cultural Center.  At the end of the day the activities could never amount to how amazing the people are because it’s the students, faculty and staff I have met during my college journey that have made my experience incredible.

Liam D. Aubrey

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Major/Minor: Business Administration/Political Science
College: College of Business
Years of PA Service:
 First Year

My mom and several of my other family members are alumni of Colorado State University, so CSU has been a major part of my life from the very beginning. I remember watching the Rocky Mountain Showdown every year, going to every game when CSU came to play Air Force in Colorado Springs, and getting to hear my mom tell stories of her times here at CSU. I was certainly born into the Ram family. When I finally had the opportunity to visit and truly experience campus for the first time in high school, I understood right away why my family loves CSU so much, and knew this was where I belonged.

I have been fortunate to be involved in a lot of different organizations and communities here at CSU. I am a proud member of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity, I serve as the director of campus traditions for the Associated Students of Colorado State University, and I also have been privileged to serve as an Alumni Association Ram Handler.

Savannah Babish

\Hometown: Northglenn, CO
Major/Minor: Accounting major, minor in Criminal Justice
College: College Business
Year: Sophomore
Years of PA Service: First Year

Attending a university for me meant starting a new chapter in my life that I didn’t think would ever be possible. I had always worked incredibly hard in school and sought out opportunities to serve my community, but I doubted that I would ever have the finances to attend a university. With the help of donors in my community and from CSU, I was able to take advantage of the amazing opportunities I’ve been blessed with as a student now at Colorado State University, and have since then become part of amazing organizations on campus.

I came into CSU with the mentality that I wanted to be as involved and engaged as possible because the community on and around campus had been incredibly welcoming my first year. I have since then been giving back on behalf of CSU Miracle as the Director of External Operations, where the organization works yearlong to fundraise for Children’s Hospital. Additionally, I’m a member of Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity on campus, Honors Student Association, and serve as a Junior Achievement leader at neighboring elementary schools. Through all of these organizations I have learned about what it truly means to be a CSU Ram, and have been provided with amazing opportunities to give back to the Fort Collins community while furthering my education.

Tamera Breidenbach

Hometown: Shelby, NC
Major/Minor: Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, Minor: Sustainable Water
College: Warner College of Natural Resources
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: First Year

My journey to Colorado State University has been a longer and different story than most. I graduated high school in the South, at the height of the recession in the late 2000’s and I did not have the opportunity or privilege to pursue the higher education I desired. After working my way up in the corporate world and traveling for several years, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career that was not only meaningful, but impactful for others in a positive way. I spent a significant amount of time backpacking in our public spaces, and National Parks. I realized that the impacts of nature are therapeutic, humbling, and create a solace for many people from different backgrounds. My passion became to protect these areas and preserve the ecosystem services that are provided by them. I attended Front Range Community College. From there, I visited and I fell in love with the CSU community. I have never felt more at home than I do in Warner College of Natural Resources, and I am so appreciative of the many relationships I have formed at CSU since my transfer.

As a transfer student, I wanted to get involved and make a positive impact on campus. I work as a student hourly for the Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative, which is in the Global School of Environmental Sustainability, under the guidance of Dr. Diana Wall. I am an active member of Warner College Council (the representation of Warner student voices), and this past spring was elected as our council historian.  I was an Associate Senator for Warner College of Natural Resources in ASCSU (The Associated Students of Colorado State University) and this past spring won my seat as a Senator. I am a member of Xi Sigma Pi honor society, the international honor society for natural resources. I also utilize and participate in ALVS (Adult Learner and Veteran Services) and RDS (Resources for Disabled Students). I recently returned from Peru, where I was doing field research with my mentor, Dr. Gillian Bowser, in the Peruvian Andes for three weeks; extending my work on pollinators that I did for undergraduate research.

This year, I look forward to serving as a Presidential Ambassador. I hope that in my year of being an Ambassador that I will be able to represent the university well. My goal is to give a voice to non-traditional students and express my gratitude to those that make my educational experience at Colorado State University possible.

Natalia Frolov-Nickels

Hometown: Corvallis, Oregon 
Major/Minor: Communications, and the Role of Sustainability in Peace and Reconciliation Studies
College: College of Liberal Arts
Year: Senior 
Years of PA Service: First year

I grew up in a small college town, and decided that I wanted something new. I knew that if I went to the local university I would not be pushing myself to try new things. I committed to CSU without having spoken to any current or past students, never setting foot in Colorado, and without knowing anyone who was there. At first, I had been concerned about my decision, but all of that melted away when I stepped foot on campus for the first time. The energy, passion, and commitment the CSU community demonstrated showed me this was my home

Since I came from out of state, I knew that I had to push myself to be immersed in the programs, activities, and traditions of CSU. Being part of Key Service, Alternative Break (a Site Leader twice), volunteer programs, President’s Leadership Program, the Center for Public Deliberation (CPD) as a Senior Associate and coordinating programs within SLiCE, CSU has helped define who I am. Being surrounded by people passionate about leadership, involvement, and community engagement has been an experience unlike any other.

Finding my passion in working with students through the SLiCE Office is what prompted me to pursue graduate school in Student Affairs in Higher Education. The skills I have learned and the people I have met through Key, SLiCE, and the CPD are things I will be able to take with me far into life, and I could not be more grateful. I am proud to call myself a Ram, and hope to continue my involvement by working with others to ensure they have the best experience at CSU. Being a Presidential Ambassador is an honor. I cannot wait to meet those that have turned dreams into a reality by giving back to CSU services and programs!

Gus Gill


Hometown: Merino, CO
Major/Minor: Agricultural Education
College: College of Agricultural Sciences
Year: Junior
Years of PA Service: First Year

Considering that all three of my older sisters, both of my parents, my grandfather, my great-grandmother, and even my great-great-grandfather (who graduated college in the year 1900) once proudly wore the Green & Gold, or Aggie Orange, one could say that I was destined to attend Colorado State University.  However, the decision to pursue my post-secondary education at my home state’s land-grant university was a choice that I made entirely on my own.  Since my arrival on campus in the Fall of 2015, I have yet to look back on that decision and wish that I had not followed in the footsteps of my family members before me.

One of my fondest memories that I have experienced during my time as a student occurred during my first semester.  It was a glorious day, one like you would read about in a Robert Frost poem.  The sun painted over the shadows across the grass, a breeze whispered through the trees, and the campus squirrels were scampering about as per usual.  Then, I heard it.  The all too familiar tune of the CSU Marching Band performing the fight song soared through the air. As I was walking down the sidewalk on my way to the Oval for President Frank’s Fall Address, I remember feeling the hairs standing up on the back of my neck, the chills coursing through my body – although I had been a student for nearly a month at that point, this moment marked the first time that I truly realized that I am a Ram.

I have been privileged to build numerous relationships and cultivate new passions while at Colorado State.  It is a place that I will always consider home and that has helped develop me into the person I am today.  I look forward to paying forward the countless contributions that others have made towards Colorado State University and my educational experience here to ensure that those who may one day follow in my footsteps can also say that they are proud to be CSU Rams!

Hannah Haberecht

Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Major/Minor: Biomedical Science
College: College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Year: Senior 
Years of PA Service: First Year

I grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado and visited Colorado State University frequently as a child, often wondering what was behind its many doors. After graduating high school, CSU was my school of choice. The next three years of education, experience, growth, and connection at the University have shaped my concept of this place from a collection of buildings and people to a true community and home.

I am currently a senior in Biomedical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences with an interest in pursuing medicine. The academics in BMS have challenged and inspired me, but CSU has given me so much more than an education. Outside of the classroom, I am involved on campus in anatomy and physiology outreach, including a trip to Todos Santos, Mexico to teach physiology to local K12 schools.  I also work in a research lab, and I am the lead chemistry tutor at The Institute for Learning and Teaching. This is my first year as a Presidential Ambassador. I am thrilled to be part of the program and excited for what the new school year brings!

Mahalia Henschel

Hometown: Manitou Springs, CO
Major/Minor: Communications Studies Major, Leadership, and Role of Sustainability in Peace and Reconciliation Minors
College: College of Liberal Arts
Year:  Junior
Years of PA Service: First Year

My decision to purse an education at Colorado State University was sparked by my time spent on campus as a high school student, during a summer leadership camp. I thought I wanted to go out of state, but something was so different about the community of Fort Collins. Once I looked past having the same school colors from elementary school through college; I embraced the opportunity and began to understand what a dynamic and unique place CSU could be. I am able to wear Green and Gold with so much pride because of the amazing people who also found a home in the “Ramily”!

Not only has CSU strengthened my admiration for traditional education, but this school has pushed me outside of the classroom as well. My passion for communication, leadership, and service, have been amplified through the President’s Leadership Program, Reisher Scholars Program, and Multi-Faith and Belief Student Council. The opportunities for growth that CSU and the Fort Collins community have provided me, leaves me with a deep appreciation and desire to give back.

I am so excited to share my love and gratitude for this University as Presidential Ambassador!

Brad Johnson

Hometown: Kit Carson, CO
Major/Minor: Agricultural Business and Environmental Economics
College: College of Agricultural Sciences
Year: Sophomore
Years of PA Service: First Year 

After graduating high school with only nine other students, I had apprehensions about coming to a large university, but once I was given a tour of Colorado State University by a friend I quickly fell in love with the atmosphere of the campus and community. There has not been a moment since I arrived where I’ve regretted coming to Colorado State University.

During my freshman year I was in the University Honors Program and resided in the Honors dorm. This was a great experience and really opened me up to new friends and opportunities. I became involved as a youth athletic coach, member of the Livestock, Block and Bridle, and Ag Business clubs, and I was nominated as an Ag Adventures Officer. As an officer I will educate Fort Collins children on the importance of agriculture this coming fall.

I came to CSU for a quality agricultural education, but the lessons the faculty and students have taught me have shaped me into a better person and the memories and friends made here will last a lifetime. I could not be more grateful for this university and I am so excited for the years to come. I was honored to be nominated as a Presidential Ambassador and can’t wait to give back to the student body and this university.

Jason Kuiper

Hometown: Elmhurst, IL
Major/Minor: M.S. Mechanical Engineering
College: Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: Second Year

I grew up in Elmhurst, IL about an hour outside of Chicago. This is Year two for me as a Presidential Ambassador. I am excited to be back and humbled to serve as the Membership Council Leader. I am currently working on my M. S. in Mechanical Engineering and plan to graduate Spring 2019.

I hope that through my involvement in the Presidential Ambassadors program, I will be able to give back to the CSU community who has given me so much. This community has helped me build confidence in myself and has challenged me to grow in ways I could not have predicted. I remember when I first set foot on CSU campus. I was overwhelmed thinking about college, and was under a lot of pressure to decide where to go. I met with an advisor, who shared about many opportunities to grow both in the classroom and out. I visited a few other schools, but I knew CSU had the community I was looking for. Nowhere else did I feel a sense of welcome and belonging from the get-go, this is truly unique about CSU.

While working toward my undergraduate degrees (Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering) I had the opportunity to work in a few research labs. It was this involvement that grew my interest in research and inspired me to apply for graduate school. Before my senior year I was offered a position at the Orthopaedic Bioengineering Research Lab, which has transitioned into a rewarding Master’s thesis project. My research is focused on developing a 3D printer to create implantable ligament replacement structures.

Shannon Lee

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Major/Minor: Hospitality Management/Business Administration
College: College of Health and Human Sciences
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: First Year

Having grown up in and around cities for all my life, I decided I wanted a change of scenery for college. I searched for universities in suburban areas that offered Hospitality Management and out of all my choices, CSU quickly made its way to the top of the list. From the application process to orientation to my first day of freshmen year, the welcoming community at CSU really made me feel like there was a place for me here. Beginning with the first interaction I had with the Admin team, and then many more that followed, I felt that people at CSU genuinely cared about my experience and that was the big deciding factor. Since then, I have not only found my place and purpose, but found an encouraging group of friends. Even though I came from out of state, completely on my own, I never really felt alone. In the past three years, CSU has given me countless opportunities to challenge myself and grow into the strong, independent woman I am today.

When I first began my college career, I was unsure of my own potential but slowly and surely, I started to gain confidence and understand my capabilities. The connections I have made around campus provided me opportunities such as becoming the Outreach Coordinator of the Dean’s Leadership Council, serving on UTFAB and working at our beautiful new stadium. Each of these opportunities allowed me to share my voice as a Ram, develop professionally and give back to my community. By continuing to step out of my comfort zone and pushing myself to attain bigger goals, I now have the opportunity to proudly represent CSU as a Presidential Ambassador. I am humbled by this role, for it is the greatest honor to be able to express my passion for this community and gratitude towards our donors. I am overjoyed to serve alongside my fellow ambassadors and see how this experience will enrich my love for CSU even more!

Victoria Palmer

Hometown: Greeley, CO
Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering; Business Administration and Leadership minors
College: Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: First Year

During my senior year of high school, I struggled to choose between engineering or education, but ultimately set my focus on schools that emphasized engineering. I did not known much about CSU’s engineering program when my mom convinced me to go on a tour of campus. On that tour, I talked with a student who spoke enthusiastically about the opportunities CSU had provided him academically, socially, and professionally. After witnessing students who took care of each other without a second thought and hearing the passion CSU students had, I fell in love with the campus.

Throughout my time at CSU, I’ve been able to combine my love of engineering and education. As a student in the President’s Leadership Program, I interned at the Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County my sophomore year, working to create weekly engineering curriculum and facilitating a large event for 250 young women through the Tech Girls Rock! grant. I’ve continued volunteering there as a STEM educator as well as work as Learning Assistant for an Introduction to Electrical Engineering class on campus. In addition to these wonderful opportunities, I am a member of the Society of Women Engineers, Delta Delta Delta, Tau Beta Pi, Mortarboard, the Honors Program, and an Optics Research Lab on campus.

CSU has given me so many amazing experiences that I don’t think I would have had anywhere else. I am excited to serve as a Presidential Ambassador this coming year and give back to this amazing University.

Eric Paricio

Hometown: Centennial, CO
Major/Minor: Mathematics and Physics
College: College of Natural Sciences
Year: Junior
Years of PA Service: First Year

Few places offer programs flexible enough to study Music, Mathematics, and Physics – all while pursuing a teaching license – and even fewer provide as high quality academics in all these disciplines as CSU. When my sister (an alumnus of Presidential Ambassadors) decided to attend CSU, I began to look closer at the university’s amazing programs, extraordinary opportunities, and spirited student life. Everywhere I looked, I found successful students, organizations I wanted to join, and a great place to build the foundations of my career.

On campus, I am the President of Bassic A Cappella, arranging music for and directing one of CSU’s four amazing all-vocal musical student organizations. My passion for education has led me to the Public Achievement program out of CSU’s Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement (SLiCE) office, a program that reaches into classrooms in the community to increase young people’s involvement in the Fort Collins community. Additionally, I work as a tutor for math and sciences for student athletes as well as a music theory tutor for first and second year music students. I am so thrilled to join the Presidential Ambassadors team this year and eager to meet many various people that have made and continue to make my journey here at CSU possible!

Ana Williams

Hometown: Littleton, CO
Major/Minor: Business with a Marketing concentration
College: College of Business
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: Second Year

I had always sworn I would never go to college in-state. My senior year of high school however, I participated in a DECA competition here at CSU and fell in love with the campus and the culture. I was hooked. As a first generation student it is very important to me that my education is meaningful and I knew coming to CSU would maximize my ability to grow. I am truly grateful to be able to attend school here and to be a Ram.

Coming into college I was a mentee in the College of Business Mentoring Program. This program helped me incredibly with my transition into college and set me up for success on my academic journey. Although I am not a part of the program this year, the memories and lessons I gained stick with me wholly. I am also involved in the College of Business Dean’s Student Leadership Council as the Secretary. This opportunity helps me grow academically, professionally, and personally every day. As of this year I am also a Ram Handler. Working with CAM the Ram has been an honor. Connecting the community with the university is inspiring. This year as a Presidential Ambassador I am the Philanthropy Chair and I am looking forward to planning Gratitude Week and Impact Your State. The programs and organizations I have been a part of give so much meaning to my college experience and have allowed me to meet wonderful friends along the way.