Jake Atteberry

Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Major/Minor: Marketing
College: College of Business
Years of PA Service:
 First Year

As a Fort Collins native, Colorado State University has always been the focus of where I wanted to attend college. I have photos as a child wearing green and gold and today, I am proud to bleed those colors as a student. Through my experiences thus far, I have grown to love the gratitude and compassion conveyed within my college, university, and the Fort Collins community. Although I have lived in Fort Collins my entire life, that hasn’t stopped me from finding new ways to love and contribute back to it.

I believe that part of my purpose at Colorado State is to share my passion for this campus and doing that through every interaction is very important to me. I have had many opportunities to do so at CSU, however, one opportunity that stands out to me is being a Ram Welcome Leader. Having the ability to influence how new rams view the campus from day one is an exciting opportunity that has assisted me in identifying why this university is so significant in shaping the lives of its students.

CSU has played such an intragyral role throughout my entire life thus far and I am ecstatic to see how my education and involvement as a Presidential Ambassador continue to shape my future.

Jo Buckley

Hometown: Berthoud, CO
Major/Minor: International Studies, Spanish and History
College:  Liberal Arts
Years of PA Service:
 First Year

I am flooded with gratitude as I reflect on my time at CSU. I have been able to study a combination of my passions such as languages, cultures, and histories. I have discovered new passions such as yoga, social justice, and traveling. I have had leadership opportunities within CSU such as becoming the Vice President of Rotaract and as the Public Achievement Coordinator in the Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement (SLiCE) office. CSU has also led me beyond our great state to study in the Basque country, Zambia, Kenya, and Cuba. Now that I am back in Fort Collins, I am a Cultural Mentor for the international students coming to our campus. Best of all, my time at CSU has not separated me from my small town 4-H’er background, but rather enriched my past experiences even more as I continue to grow and explore more of the world.

What I love most about CSU is that it is not a set path that each person will take with the diploma as the end goal. Rather, we are all a community of rams creating and collaborating to make the world better than it is today. I am honored to be serving as a Presidential Ambassador for this great community and am excited for the year to come.

Sean Furst

Hometown: Newtown Square, PA
Major/Minor: Construction Management
College: College of Health and Human Sciences
Year: Junior
Years of PA Service: First Year

When I left highschool, I thought I wanted to go to trade school. However, I soon became more interested in pursuing a degree in construction management. During my search for schools, CSU stood out to me right away because of their amazing program. Transferring to Colorado State University from a small community college in Pennsylvania has been a rewarding and life changing experience. While choosing to transition to CSU was an overwhelming decision, I am extremely glad I made the change. Having never been to Colorado before, and not having any friends or family around me, deciding to move was intimidating.

Because of CSU’s nurturing and friendly atmosphere, I was able to break out of my comfort zone and get more involved. I am now a member of the Associated Builders and Contractors Student Chapter at CSU, the ABC competition team, the Mechanical Contractors Association of America at CSU, Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society as well as a Treasurer for the Lions Club Branch at CSU. I love being a part of CSU’s community and look forward to the year to come.

Destini Hall

Hometown: Loveland, CO
Major/Minor: Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts
College: College of Liberal Arts
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: First Year

Colorado State University has been more than an educational experience for me, but a doorway into the endless opportunities I’ve used to grow into the human I’d like to be. I knew after my first experience at CSU that it would be my home away from home. The community, the environment, and the people have all made an impact on my experience as a CSU student. I am a fourth year Liberal Arts student with a Sociology and Ethnic Studies minor, in the hopes of working for Student Affairs and Higher Education as I grow in my career. While at CSU, I have had the opportunity to be a part of organizations such as Orientation and Transition Programs, the Black/African American Cultural Center, and Semester at Sea,  which have all contributed to my passion for learning from people.

I am excited and blessed to be a part of the Presidential Ambassadors program, and give back to those that have given so much to me. CSU has always been my home and it is an honor to contribute back to the institution. Go Rams!

Brandon King

Hometown: Windsor, CO 
Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering
College: Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering
Year: Senior 
Years of PA Service: First year

My decision to attend CSU came after a conversation I had on a tour with a professor. He ensured me that I would be leaving CSU with all the skills and knowledge that every other engineer in the world would graduate with. He then told me the focus at CSU is not only on the education and application of that knowledge, but on who the students are as people. CSU’s concentration on the development of student’s passions and character outside of the classroom was a mission I connected with instantly. That was why I came to CSU. I have stayed because since day one on campus I have found nothing but a community that is welcoming, supportive, engaged, and challenging for its members.

While at CSU I have been able to connect with various groups and individuals that have only furthered my commitment to the University and my own interests. I was lucky enough to serve as a Resident Assistant for two years, helping facilitate the amazing experience I once had for the next generation of CSU students. Within my degree, I have found fantastic friends through communities like the University Honors Program, Engineering College Council, and the countless laboratories that actively seek undergraduate researchers.

I am happy to say I have not regretted a single day at CSU. It is here that I have received more knowledge, memories, and growth than I could ever give back. I am humbled and honored to serve as a Presidential Ambassador and hope to use my time with the program to give back all that I can and express my appreciation to those who have made my experience unforgettable.

Jason Kuiper

Hometown: Elmhurst. Illinois 
Major/Minor: Biochemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
College: Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: First Year

I am Jason Kuiper and I grew up in Elmhurst, IL just an hour outside the city of Chicago. This is year one for me as a Presidential Ambassador, but my fifth year at Colorado State University. I am planning graduate in May 2018 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, and then begin my masters in Bioengineering here at CSU.

I remember when I first set foot on CSU campus. I was overwhelmed thinking about college and under a lot of pressure to decide where to go. I met with an advisor, who shared with me about many of the opportunities to grow both in the classroom and out. I visited a few other schools, but deep down I knew CSU was the community I was looking for. Nowhere else did I feel a sense of welcome and belonging on day one, something that is truly unique to CSU.

This year I am doing research at the Orthopaedic Bioengineering Research Laboratory (OBRL) for my engineering capstone project. I will be building and testing a projecting stereolithography 3-D printer which I plan to modify to print implantable structures to replace tendons and ligaments. Along with my studies, I want to focus on giving back to CSU this year. In hopes of doing so, I created a tutoring program focused on helping underrepresented minority and first generation freshman succeed in engineering. The objective of the program is to help students pass their math classes with a deep understanding of the material, but it is also structured to connect freshman with older students in engineering disciplines.

Ryan Martinez

Hometown: Alamosa, CO
Major/Minor: Health and Exercise Science; Sports Medicine Concentration
College: College of Health and Human Sciences
Year: Senior 
Years of PA Service: First Year

Colorado State University was one of three schools I visited in high school and originally my first choice. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. Thus, I began my college career in my hometown of Adams State University where I studied Exercise Science and competed on the track team. After completing my associates, I was finally able to make my dream come true by transferring to CSU.

As a transfer student, I was originally surprised by the large student body and the size of campus. However, all the friendly faces, kind faculty, and sense of community made me feel at home within my first week. Although relatively new to CSU, the University has provided me with numerous opportunities which I am extremely thankful for. The most recent of which, was a study abroad trip to Livingstone, Zambia where I had the opportunity to work in healthcare. Aside from that amazing opportunity, I am also involved with the CSU Rehabilitation Therapy Club (Pre-Physical Therapy Club vice president), Honors Program, the Honors Student Association, and the Tau Sigma National Honors Society.

As a presidential ambassador, I look forward to meeting many new faces and helping advance the University which has given me so much! Go Rams

Rachel Mason

Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Major/Minor: Biomedical Sciences Major, Microbiology Minor
College: College of Veterinary Medicines and Biomedical Science
Year:  Senior
Years of PA Service: Second Year

I came to CSU for a fantastic education, but I also came to CSU for the people. My favorite thing about CSU is the community here. Everyone on campus has a kind smile and a friendly attitude. Students, staff, and faculty alike hold open doors for one another. Here I am constantly surrounded by like-minded people interested in working hard and propelling this world, and CSU, towards better things.

CSU is the best college and community anyone could ask for. Over the past four years at CSU I have gotten to grow not only as a scholar, but more importantly, as an individual. I’ve gotten the opportunity to be in the Honors Program and to study abroad in Zambia. I have been a tutor for the Academic Advancement Center. I’ve been privileged to participate in Campus Connections, where I served as a mentor to at-risk you from Fort Collins. Most recently, I’ve had the opportunity to meet prospective students as an Admissions Ambassador.

I am so thankful I chose CSU. This university has provided me with fantastic knowledge, academic and social skills, and pride in my involvement. There is not a better university around, and I am so thankful to call CSU my home. I am more than excited to serve as a Presidential Ambassador for the second year and to share my love of CSU, my home, with everyone I meet.

Heather Nereson

Hometown: Hayden, CO
Major/Minor: Nutrition and Food Science Dietetics Concentration
College: College of Health and Human Sciences
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: Second Year 

When I was considering which universities to apply to, Colorado State University was my very last choice. Now, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I grew up in Hayden, a small town in northwest Colorado where my high school graduating class was 24. I didn’t think such a large university could ever make me feel at home or like I belonged. That assumption couldn’t have been more inaccurate. I’ve grown to love CSU and the endless opportunities, friendships, and experiences it has provided.

I believe CSU is unique from other schools in the fact that it causes students to not only get an outstanding education, but also develop a deep passion for their major. As my eyes were opened to a future as a Registered Dietitian, I also had the desire to become a part of something much bigger than my individual purpose. This drive lead me to be a member of the Rams Leadership Team, Vice President of the College of Health and Human Sciences Dean’s Leadership Council, a member of the CSU Figure Skating Team, and finally a Presidential Ambassador.

Having the opportunity to serve as a Presidential Ambassador is a tremendous honor. It is my hope to represent the purpose of this university in a way that exemplifies my gratitude and experiences to those who make my education possible.

Theresa Papich

Hometown: Denver, CO
Major/Minor: Biomedical Sciences
College: College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: First Year

Colorado State University has provided a wealth of opportunities for my educational and personal growth. When I was applying to college in high school, the people and feel of the campus originally drew me here. I came in as undeclared student, but soon discovered my passion for human anatomy and physiology, thanks to the Biomedical Sciences program offered by CSU. My major helped me realize my interest in working in the health care industry after graduation. In addition to my academic pursuits, I became involved in CSU’s chapter of the Delta Alpha Pi honor society, an organization for students with disabilities. Serving as President for this group has been an excellent leadership opportunity.  I am also the Community Service officer for the Biomedical Student Association and have worked as a General Chemistry tutor on campus. Both of these positions have been great experiences that helped me connect with other students. I am so excited for my new role as a Presidential Ambassador, and am looking forward to the opportunity to give back to CSU in a new way.

Lindsay Paricio

Hometown: Centennial, CO
Major/Minor: Chemistry, Mathematics, and Leadership minors
College: Walter Scott College of Engineering
Year: Senior
Years of PA Service: First Year

During my last year of high school, I was determined to break the family streak and go anywhere other than CSU. But after a campus visit my dad forced me to go on, I fell in love with the campus, with the welcoming attitude of the people, and frankly with the drop dead gorgeous view of Longs Peak and the surrounding mountains. My parents couldn’t believe I actually made a decision, let alone so quickly after the visit, but I’ve never regretted that split second decision.

My CSU experience has been defined by unlimited potential with my involvement! I spent my first summer running around campus as an Orientation Leader, which subsequently led to involvements such as the President’s Leadership Program, an undergraduate research position, and in ASCSU as the first food security specialist. Teaching is my passion, and my work as the Chemistry Outreach Coordinator, and an Honors Peer Mentor Team Leader has allowed me to further explore and cultivate those skills!

This university has given me so much more than I ever could have anticipated. Through CSU I have been able to travel internationally and see the world, develop lifelong friendships, and discover who I am. Above all, though, I know that CSU has become a home for life, and I am unbelievably excited to get to give back to the place that has given me so much!

Karen Villar Rodriguez

Major/Minor: Sociology and Ethnic Studies
College: College of Liberal Arts
Year: Junior
Years of PA Service: First Year

When I think back to my childhood, I remember getting told by my parents that I had to do my best in school. The older I got the more I realized how important higher education is. Coming from a family of immigrant parents who had to change their lifestyle to give me a better life I knew that not going to college was not an option. After touring CSU, I decided that this was the place I wanted to call my home.

As I start my third year at Colorado State University and reflect on all my accomplishments and growth from these past two years it makes me incredibly thankful. I am thankful for all the opportunities that CSU has provided me, from Key Communities my first and second year, working with the Office of Admissions, joining Greek life, and now being part of Presidential Ambassadors. My journey as a Presidential Ambassador has just began and I already see all the open doors it has for me as I engage in conversations with CSU donors, faculty, and community.

I am excited to continue to grow as a student, individual, and professional through by role as a Presidential Ambassador!

Alexa Rose

Hometown: Greeley, CO
Major/Minor: Computer Information Systems and Marketing
College: College of Business
Year: Junior
Years of PA Service: First Year

When deciding where to pursue my higher education, CSU was one of the last schools on my radar. I knew I wanted to attend a large university due to attending the same school Kindergarten – 12th grade, and graduating with a mere 70 students. My parents, who are both alumni of CSU, urged me to give it a chance; however, I wanted to make my own path at my own school. Despite my attempts to stay away from CSU, I had a friend give me a tour of campus. It was love at first sight. I felt an immediate attraction to the beautiful campus, people, and Fort Collins. Having grown up nearby in Greeley, CO, it was still close enough to home, but I knew it was exactly the change I was looking for.

Since joining the CSU community, I’ve been granted access to an abundance of opportunities. My first chance to get involved came my freshman year when I joined Dean’s Student Leadership Council for the College of Business. While CSU already felt like home, being involved in organizations like this truly helped provide me with a greater purpose on campus.  I’ve been able to network, meet people, and continue to share my passion for CSU with other students and the community. This organization has helped develop my leadership skills along with advocate for my fellow students.

As a Presidential Ambassador, I am ecstatic to watch my passion for CSU continue to skyrocket as I meet the individuals who have helped make CSU my home away from home. I know I have so much to learn from our wonderful donors, alumni, and university leadership throughout this year. Go Rams!

Ana Williams

Hometown: Littleton, CO
Major/Minor: Business with a Marketing concentration
College: College of Business
Year:  Junior
Years of PA Service: First Year

Story of CSU: I had always sworn I would never go to college in-state. My senior year of high school however, I participated in a DECA competition here at CSU and fell in love with the campus and the culture. I was hooked. As a first generation student it is very important to my that my education is meaningful and I knew coming to CSU would maximize my ability to grow as a person. I am truly grateful to be able to attend school here.

Involvement: First coming into college I was a mentee in the College of Business Mentoring Program. This program helped me incredibly with my transition into college and set me up for success on my academic journey. Although I am not a part of the program this year, the memories and lessons I gained stick with me wholly. I am also involved in the College of Business Dean’s Student Leadership Council as the Marketing Chair. This opportunity helps me grow academically, professionally, and personally every day. The programs and organizations I have been and are a part of gave me the courage to apply to be a Presidential Ambassador and I am thrilled to work with a group of such amazing people.