The Presidential Ambassadors are committed to service at Colorado State University.

Volunteering to help advance the mission of the University and provide education about the importance of philanthropy is a prime objective for the Presidential Ambassadors. As a group, the Presidential Ambassadors are committed to educating the CSU community, including students, on the importance of individual philanthropy and the difference CSU donors have in the life of current students. Presidential Ambassadors make it their mission to host educational events and programs designed to help students understand the importance of private giving and consider what role philanthropy plays in their own lives.

Philanthropy Events & Programs


  • Held during the fall semester, the focus of Gratitude Event is to develop an appreciation for the private donors that help make students’ education possible at CSU.
  • At Gratitude Event, CSU students are given the opportunity to sign a postcard, thanking a donor that has made their education possible.
  • Private giving plays a part in developing new scholarships for students, new faculty positions, and building and renovating CSU facilities.
  • Every student at CSU is impacted by private giving, and the Gratitude Event is a way for students to learn about and thank the private donors that make their CSU experience possible!

National Student Engagement and Philanthropy DayStudent Engagement and Philanthropy Day

In February each year, the Presidential Ambassadors participate in a national dialogue surrounding the engagement with and education of current students on how to get involved with philanthropy before they graduate. This week-long social media campaign engages students in conversations about how they will leave their legacy at CSU and to reflect upon those who made a positive impact on their lives.


For more information about the Presidential Ambassador’s student philanthropy efforts, or to request an educational program about the importance of private giving, please contact Eric Paricio, Philanthropy Leader at